I Took Linda Ikeji For Granted

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Dating Dan Foster: Linda Ikeji Was Miserable

He said She was in love with him but he was dating about three women then. He said when he even married is wife, Linda still continued to long for him but he saved her number with different codes on his phone which his wife always end up finding out.. Ah it was a nightmare.

Kemi also accused Linda Ikeji of having s3x with Dan Foster, her sister’s fiance, 2 weeks to their wedding, which led to their breakup. ”She bleeped my sister’s fiance 2 weeks before the wedding which was cancelled because of her.

The source further disclsoed that her husband-to-be had relocated back from abroad to Nigeria. The two ex-lovers reconnected again and picked up from where they stopped.. Ever since Linda has become famous through blogging, her personal life has not been bright as her successful great career. Right, but she placed a price tag on the person that will win her heart. And then suddenly she was spotted with a man much older than her.

It was Dan Foster. He is a Black American radio celebrity. He came to live and work in Nigeria. Though, Dan gave a shocking interview opening all the secrets of their relationships. He told that Linda loved him very much.

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The notable boyfriend that we know that Linda had been Dan Foster, but they went separate ways after she discovers that he’s a married man. Though, Dan gave a shocking interview opening all the.

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Linda according to her account later went on with her romance with Dan Foster and the duo broke up. READ ALSO: Veteran actor, Pawpaw reacts to rumours that he is dating Nina She also complained about how Linda Ikeji used her blog to spread falsehood about her.

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I took Linda for granted In an interview with PUNCH the popular DJ has revealed how Linda in her modeling days — was crazy about him but then he was a cassanova dating two other women all at once. Ah it was a nightmare. My father told me that my ex had moved on. In fact, he told me then that she looked heavy.

#LindaGate Linda Ikeji started an affair 3 weeks to the wedding of Dan Foster. Dan was getting married to Deola Olunloyo my niece TROUBLE Dan was getting married to Deola Olunloyo my niece TROUBLE 2 replies 40 retweets 5 likes.

Aww, what a love story! Popular Nigerian-based American On-Air Personality Dan Foster in a new interview with Punch has opened up on his affair with top blogger Linda Ikeji, why his 16 year old son is into drugs, and more, read below: Do you have regrets coming down here? The only regret I had was that in , I had a son in the US. I would do anything for that job but then, I just met this woman and she just had a baby for me.

I was mad at him last year. My ex sent me some of his pictures and I knew he was doing drugs. He had everybody fooled as if he was a cool kid. You have to spend time with your kids or you would lose them. Did you ever smoke weed? You must have been smoking that stupid stuff because you look so stupid!

In a recent interview, the father of three talked about how he came to Nigeria, his relationship and Nigerian Ladies. I remember Linda asking me what she did wrong. She went on and on. My wife always tries to delete her number no matter how I tag it on my phone. We knew you had options including Linda Ikeji… Oh yeah!

Controversial Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, has opened up on why she dislikes celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji. Kemi took to her twitter handle to ‘expose’ Linda who has been her sworn enemy. In her tweet, she accused Linda of sleeping with her sister’s fiance, popular broadcaster Dan Foster, two weeks before their wedding which led to [ ].

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Dan Foster is a Nigerian based American Radio presenter. He has worked with different radio stations in Nigeria. Dan Foster and Linda Ikeji were in serious relationship before problem started coming in .

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Linda according to her account later went on with her romance with Dan Foster and the duo broke up. She also complained about how Linda Ikeji used her blog to spread falsehood about her. Madam KOO explained that Linda Ikeji once posted a picture of her holding an assault rifle – M16 and wrote that she was threatening bloggers.

Николь, сразу того и другого не бывает, – произнес он. – Нельзя одновременно иметь свободу и пользоваться защитой благодетельной высшей силы от себя. – Прости меня, – проговорила Николь с озадаченным выражением на лице. – Неужели я задала неуместный религиозный вопрос. – Примерно, – ответил Орел. – Учти, мы должны составить полный каталог всех космоплавателей в этом районе Галактики.

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Denrele Edun, one of Nigeria’s most controversial celebrities in a recent program recorded with NDANI TV spoke about popular blogger Linda Ikeji and her relationship with Dan Foster.

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Blogger, Linda Ikeji Says “No Sex Till He Puts A Ring On it”

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