This Twitter thread in defense of Rachel and Joey as a couple in ‘Friends’ is a must

By Matt Fowler Note: We originally presented this Top 10 list in September, when Friends turned With the entire series now available on Netflix beginning January 1st we thought it would be a good time to once more spotlight our choices for the very best of the series. Yes, the Central Perk crew is now two full decades old, but mistress time has been kind. The Complete Series Blu-ray Review Friends ran ten seasons deep and the final episode was watched by So which episodes were the best? This was also the episode to feature Phoebe filling in at Chandler’s office as a receptionist and revealing that all of his co-workers imitate his particular comedic cadence behind his back.

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The youngster was out with his mother and her hairdresser pal Joey Maalouf after brunch at the Newsroom Cafe in Beverly Hills, California. The pair strolled along the street, swinging the two-year-old between them as he held onto their hands. He really couldn’t have more fun: Rachel Zoe and her hairstylist pal Joey Maalouf grabbed hold of her son Skyler’s hands and swung the happy toddler between them after brunch in Beverley Hills on Saturday The little lad laughed as he managed to get his legs almost as high as the grown-ups’ shoulders.

Skyler became a big brother just over a month ago after the year-old reality star gave birth to her second son, Kaius, who has probably been taking up a lot of Zoe’s time. But the toddler had his mother’s undivided attention on Saturday.

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Rachel is dating Ross.. Rated R for sexual content [strong sex scenes, JnR mainly. I always found lots of chapters annoying, so I’ll head straight into the plot. Let me fill you in…. Joey tells Rachel that he ‘likes’ her, she is shocked, but does not tell him how she feels, and we don’t know either… A few weeks on Rachel and Ross start dating again, to everyone’s amazement, especially Joey’s… Rachel hasn’t mentioned Joey’s feelings to anyone, and she hasn’t even discussed it with Joey himself… The whole gang are sitting in the front room… Rachel is next to Ross, resting her head on his shoulder, they were chatting as normal, with Chandler cracking his usual sarcastic jokes..

Phoebe making a song in her head, but you can tell… Monica making sure no one is making anything dirty.. Joey… looking… at Rachel… thinking.. Ross is a lucky guy, I had my chance I blew it…’ Rachel was thinking… ‘Did I make the right decision.. Do I like Joey more than Ross? This happens a lot throughout the next hour, she thinks more… She decides… She does want a night with Joey… She doesn’t think about the consequences..

All she wants is him, and she knows he is thinking the same thing.. She gets up, announces that she is going to her apartment she still lives with Joey, Ross is fine with this as he has no idea about Joey’s feelings. She kisses Ross on the cheek, Ross doesn’t realise it was only a kiss on the cheek, as he was well into a conversation with Chandler about football.

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The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy [3. Look, what do you want me to say? I want you to say that you like her!

Aug 08,  · This woman went on a Twitter rant to defend Rachel and Joey’s relationship on"Friends,” and it was tweets long.

Actually, he wants to be Al Pacino. To date, besides a short-lived stint as a melodramatic soap opera doctor, one of the few highlights of his professional career was being cast as Al Pacino’s butt double. Unfortunately, he was fired from the role for bringing too much to the part. Handsome, sweet and macho, Joey loves women, sports, women, New York, women–and most of all, Joey loves Joey. After years of traipsing from audition to audition, Joey has finally landed a role back on"Days of Our Lives” as a woman.

It’s not exactly the part he had hoped for, but Joey does his best, hoping to move onto bigger and better sound stages. Still working at a rewarding job as a junior executive for Ralph Lauren, Rachel is soon to have a career upswing. Although her on-again, off-again relationship with Ross never seems to settle into a groove, she hasn’t stopped looking for love in other places and will find herself in a new romantic entanglement. Presumably these are the fans who did not believe it when all the foreshadowing was pointed out to them.

In the pilot, Joey hit on Rachel as soon as he met her, but that was only to be expected.

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Appearances[ edit ] Chandler works as an IT procurements manager with the specialization “Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration,” but loathes it. In Season 9, he quits his job and Monica helps him start a new career in advertising. Chandler is Ross Geller ‘s roommate in college. Chandler met his friend Rachel Green while celebrating Thanksgiving with the Geller family during his first year at college.

Feb 02,  · Celebrity fashion stylist Rachel Zoe’s toddler Skyler was obviously having the time of his life on Saturday. The youngster was out with his mother and her hairdresser pal Joey .

Ross reveals his long crush on her to the guys, after Carol divorces him for another woman. Rachel finds out her maid of honor went on her honeymoon with Barry. Chandler starts smoking again, much to the group’s annoyance. The girls hold Rachel a slumber party; using binoculars, they spy on a sexy politician across the street whose pizza they accidentally received. Chandler struggles to break up with Janice, so Phoebe does it for him.

Rachel meets Monica’s ire when she cleans the apartment — and moves the furniture — for the first time. At the funeral, Ross tells Rachel he loves her while loopy on painkillers, and Joey watches the football game. Chandler finds out that many people think he is gay.

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Apr 18,  · Joey and Phoebe are still underdeveloped (especially Joey) but that will come with time. Rachel describes how her wedding failed because she realized the groom looked like Mr. Potato head. Although she he looked stunning in that white dress, for this one, the point goes to the chief, Monica.

Email I know, I know. But think about it. They just kept randomly hooking up and having babies and getting married. Other than those trivial things, no connection. Well, I do a little, because if this disclaimer applies to you, your life is incomplete. Neither take life too seriously ahem, Ross. Ross is not amused. Is it just me or does Rachel totally wear the pants in this relationship?

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Rachel and Ross first met You probably know the story 2 Carol Willick s-media-cache-ak0. Carol tells Ross that she is pregnant with his child in “The One with the Sonogram at the End” and is going to raise the baby with her partner, Susan Bunch.

Friends was a sitcom that aired on NBC from to , for a total of ten seasons. The series centered on six friends (Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey) living in Manhattan, and the challenges of single life, although the end of the series saw the characters more settled, with.

Random Article Blend If you’re a fan of the massively popular sitcom Friends , then you no doubt have an opinion about Ross and Rachel that comes equipped with a soapbox and a megaphone. Well, regardless of where you stand on what should and shouldn’t have happened when they were on a break, you will walk away today believing that Rachel and Joey were far better suited for one another than Ross and And it’s all thanks to a lengthy and extremely well-crafted argument as delivered on Twitter.

It all starts here. A Thread — what a weird week kaneandgriffin August 8, While many Twitter arguments are of the “two people hosing each other down with vitriol” variety, writer Claire Willett presented her longform Friends beliefs without getting bogged down midway through with sub-tweet chatter. And even though it’s essentially, “Rachel deserves Joey because Joey cares about other people, while Ross cares about Ross,” it’s so impressive because there are so many Friends moments serving as undeniable proof.

To try and sum up this argument somehow seems more tasking than summing up ten seasons of Friends, but a lot of what it boils down to is that from the very beginning, Joey and Rachel actually were friends with each other, and they almost always enjoyed their time together, regardless of what they were doing. Even though Rachel’s occasionally high-maintenance lifestyle didn’t firmly mesh with Joey’s sandwich-guzzling goofiness.

As roommates, they were always having fun, and so by the time they actually did get together late in the show’s run, there wasn’t THAT much that was different. They continued to be friends, both then and even after they decided their relationship wouldn’t work because of the friendship, which is dumb. Meanwhile, this tweet pretty much sums up the Ross side of things.

Then, once they are dating, there are so few times where they’re seen having a great time, as those episodes often became fraught with one or more of Ross’ issues not being attended to. Perhaps the worst of those issues, beyond the constant ego trip, was his jealous and inability to trust and listen to Rachel without completely blowing it.

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Sep 26,  · FRIENDS — ‘The One with the Fake Monica’ Episode 21 — Pictured: (l-r) Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel .

Appearances[ ed[ edit ]s is a paleontologist and has a Ph. His romantic feelings toward Rachel Green , which began as a high school infatuation, are an ongoing theme of his narrative arc. Likewise, their on-again, off-again romantic relationship is a nearly constant theme of Friends. Ross and Monica are Jewish and see themselves as at least cultural Jews , with Ross taking a more active role in wanting to teach his son, Ben, about the faith. Ross gets divorced and is newly single in the very first episode because his wife, Carol, has realized she’s a lesbian.

Later he dates Rachel but it results in a break-up. Afterward, Ross gets married to Emily which doesn’t last long. Also, he marries Rachel in Las Vegas when the two are drunk and then ultimately that too results in a divorce.

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